Interactive stress quiz for instant health risk results!

The following is an easy interactive stress test based on the research done by Holmes and Rahe*. It is designed to assess possible health risks, based on the things that have happened in your life in the last year.

Below are a variety of possible ‘normal’ life events. Simply add up the numbers on the right of each event that has occurred in your life in the last 12 months

Finally, a test you don't want a high score on!  

According to their statistical prediction model, a score of 150 or less means a relatively low (about 30% ) probability of stress-related illness (including heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.) . A score of 151 to 299 implies a 50% probability and a score of 300 or above implies an 80% probability of experiencing a health change - usually a negative change.

Just click the checkboxes that apply to you, then click the "show results" button at the bottom.

Death of a Spouse: 100
Divorce  73
Marital Separation 65
Detention in jail or institution 63
Death of a close family member 63
Major personal injury or illness 53
Marriage 50
Being fired at work 47
Marital reconciliation 45
Retirement 45
Major change in health or behavior of a family member 44
Pregnancy 40
Sexual Difficulty 40
Gaining a new family member through birth, adoption or remarriage 39
Major business readjustments 39
Major change in financial state 38
Death of a close friend: 37
Change to a different line of work 36
Major increase in fights with spouse 35
Taking on a mortgage 31
Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan 30
Major change in responsibility at work 29
Son or daughter leaving home 29
In-Law troubles 29
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Spouse begins to cease work outside of home 26
Go back to school 26
Major change in living condition (rebuilding, remodeling) 25
Revision of personal habits 24
Troubles with superior, boss 23
Major change in working hours, conditions 20
Change in residence 20
Change to a new school 20
Major change in usual type and/or amount of recreation 19
Major change in church activities 19
Major change in social activities 18
Purchasing a new car, or other big purchase 17
Major change in sleeping habits 16
Major change in number of family get-to-gethers 15
Major change in eating habits 15
Vacation 13
Christmas or holiday observance 12
Minor violations of the law 11


Below 150 - 35% chance of illness or accident within 2 years
Between 150 - 300 - 51% chance of illness or accident
Over 300 - 80% chance of illness or accident



These predictions are not absolute. Health changes are the result of many different factors, including how significant those life events are to you, your personal capacity to cope with change, and the available support through family, work and friends. However, taking this quiz can give you some insight into potential risks to your health and well-being.

Ref: Holmes & Rahe (1967) Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 11:213-219.


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